Irina Pyleva, a trailblazer who personifies the essence of excellence. As a model, creator, and visionary co-owner, Irina spearheads a constellation of premium clothing brands, each a testament to her exquisite taste and unparalleled design acumen. With a flair for crafting exclusive collections that traverse the realms of evening fashion, haute couture, historical fashion, and theatrical costumes, Irina’s influence transcends boundaries.

Irina Pyleva

Distinguished not only by her design prowess, but also as a maestro of aesthetics, Irina lends her artistic touch to captivating photo and art projects, leaving an indelible mark on every canvas. Her mentorship extends globally, nurturing the talents of emerging artists and theater aficionados, fostering a legacy that spans continents.

Irina’s visionary leadership takes center stage in the realm of premium segment clothes and products digital marketing. A seasoned expert with a remarkable 16-year track record, her strategic finesse ensures that luxury seamlessly intertwines with the digital landscape. As a connoisseur of customization, she effortlessly dons the hat of a product customization manager, enriching the experience for discerning clients.

Her expertise resonates across the entire production chain, where she orchestrates seamless operations as a production chain manager, ensuring that every creation embodies the hallmark of perfection. Holding a civil and financial law degree, Irina’s multidisciplinary prowess is further illuminated by her journey through the corridors of the Oxford Said Business School studying Digital Marketing, where she imbibed strategic insights to amplify her business acumen.

A true visionary, Irina extends her influence into the realm of psychology, holding a degree that explores the innovative fusion of blockchain technology with psychological services. This forward-thinking perspective showcases her commitment to transformative solutions.

With a clientele spanning over 40 countries, Irina’s impact is truly global. Her artistic creations adorn more than 35 theaters and grace the collections of 9 prestigious museums around the world, a testament to her enduring legacy. Her captivating presence as a magazine cover model adds another layer to her dynamic persona.

As a co-founder of Corsettery, a premier brand renowned for bespoke premium corsets, Irina has etched her mark on the international stage. The brand’s headquarters in the USA serve as a beacon of luxury and craftsmanship, attracting a discerning clientele.

Equally remarkable is her role as founder and co-owner at Roberta Lavicci, a brand celebrated for its worldwide influence in the domain of rental wardrobes. With features in esteemed magazines across the globe, the brand is a testament to Irina’s visionary approach.

In the tapestry of global fashion, Irina Pyleva shines as a luminary whose creative brilliance and strategic acumen continue to redefine the boundaries of possibility. Her journey is a symphony of artistry, innovation, and timeless elegance.

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