Cover story, fashion editorial, and interview in Malvie Paris, Aug. 2023

Irina Pyleva fashion designer

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, designers continually push boundaries and challenge traditional norms. Irina Pyleva, a rising star in the industry, has recently unveiled her highly anticipated collection, aptly named “Creating New Realities.” With its striking combination of pink leather corsets, a luxurious pink leather jacket, a mesmerizing silver mirror PVC mini dress, and an array of bodycon sequin dresses in black, silver, and fuchsia, this collection promises to captivate fashion enthusiasts and ignite their imagination. As a testament to its groundbreaking vision, the collection has been featured on the cover of the prestigious French fashion magazine, Malvie. Let’s dive into the details and explore the enchanting world of Irina Pyleva’s latest creations.

Pink Leather Corsets: Redefining Feminine Power

Irina Pyleva’s collection challenges the conventional notion of femininity with her exquisite pink leather corsets. These meticulously crafted pieces blend a touch of elegance with a bold and rebellious edge. By combining the softness of pink with the ruggedness of leather, Pyleva successfully fuses opposing elements to create a harmonious balance. These corsets not only accentuate the feminine silhouette but also empower the wearer, conveying a message of strength and self-expression.

Fashion Designer and model Irina Pyleva

Pink Leather Jacket: A Statement of Confidence

Complementing the corsets is a stunning pink leather jacket that exudes confidence and sophistication. Irina Pyleva masterfully incorporates edgy elements while maintaining a sense of femininity in her designs. The pink leather jacket serves as a bold statement piece, effortlessly elevating any outfit. Its impeccable tailoring, attention to detail, and unconventional color choice make it a must-have item for those seeking to make a distinctive fashion statement.

Irina Pyleva

Silver Mirror PVC Mini Dress: Reflecting Contemporary Glamour

Fashion Designer and model Irina Pyleva

Taking inspiration from futurism and modern aesthetics, Pyleva introduces a show-stopping silver mirror PVC mini dress. This mesmerizing piece captures the essence of the collection’s theme by showcasing a vision of new realities. The reflective surface of the dress adds an ethereal and otherworldly quality, allowing the wearer to become a part of the ever-changing fashion landscape. With its sleek silhouette and bold metallic shine, this mini dress is sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

Fashion Designer and model Irina Pyleva

Bodycon Sequins Dresses: Embracing Vibrant Versatility

The “Creating New Realities” collection by Irina Pyleva continues to push boundaries with a range of bodycon sequin dresses in captivating black, silver, and fuchsia colors. These dresses celebrate the diversity of individual styles and offer a multitude of possibilities for personal expression. Whether it’s a glamorous evening event or a lively night out, the body-hugging designs and shimmering sequins create an unforgettable presence. Pyleva’s careful attention to detail ensures that each dress showcases the wearer’s unique personality, making them feel confident and radiant.

Fashion Designer and model Irina Pyleva

Irina Pyleva’s “Creating New Realities” collection is a testament to her bold creativity and innovative vision. With her daring combination of pink leather corsets, a statement-making pink leather jacket, a captivating silver mirror PVC mini dress, and a range of vibrant bodycon sequin dresses, Pyleva invites fashion enthusiasts to embrace new possibilities and redefine their realities. As the collection graces the cover of the esteemed French fashion magazine Malvie, it further solidifies Pyleva’s place among the industry’s trailblazers. Be prepared to immerse yourself in an enchanting world where fashion becomes a vehicle for self-expression and empowerment.

Fashion Designer and model Irina Pyleva

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